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even are we?

Level Up is Wellingtons first Game Developers co-working space, a space designed specifically for Game Developers and Digital Artists to hone their craft together and get shit done.

Come check the place out, we are based in Wellington CBD on Dixon street, close to bars & cafes, right in the beating heart of the city.


They are a thing, and we have some

Whether you're just stopping by for the day, need something temporary for a few weeks, or want to set up a full permanent workstation, we've got you covered.

Hot desk
$20 for 1 day

$50 for a full week
Perma desk
Feel like setting up a totally crazy workstation, like a boss?
$75 per week
$200 per week for a team of 4


Apply for free use of a desk through our sponsorship program

Feel like Level Up would be just right for you but you can't afford it? Level up is offering free desks for up to 2 keen individuals. Pitch us your case as to why you should receive a free desk, and we'll get back to you :)

Let's talk!